Top 100 blogs?? WOW!

Wow! Every once in a while I get a real surprise in my stack of emails.

Such was yesterday, when I was informed that my blog, Hiker to Hiker, was named one of the best 100 outdoor blogs by Thoroughly Reviewed. They chose the picture below to put on their website.

Le Chemin de St. Jacques sunflowers
Le Chemin de St. Jacques sunflowers

Now you may say, top 100? It’s a big deal to me.

There are thousands of outdoor blogs on the web. Many are dead, since their owners/writers have given up. Other blogs are not very consistent and are made up mostly of photos. Still others write about their personal life and problems much more than their outdoor life.

I started in December 2007 when I had published my first book, Hiking the Carolina Mountains and have been persevering ever since.

I blog several times a week about some aspect of the outdoors or about writing on the outdoors. I review books and gear when someone offers a product that I’m genuinely interested in and can use – boots, socks, jackets, even flashlights.

Here’s what the Top 100 Hiking and Camping Bloggers website said about Hiker to Hiker:

Danny has been hiking since she was in her early 20s…in her words “a long time ago.” Hiker to Hiker is an informative and enjoyable blog that provides readers with the inspiration and motivation to do some hiking on their own. Her mission is to get people out of their cars and into the woods, hiking. Readers will find plenty of resources, tips and information that they can apply whether they are experienced hikers or just getting started. She is the author of 4 great books. One of the most notable items on her blog is a 71 item list of National Parks of the South. Each park has information from Danny that she gathered when she visited it. Hiker to Hiker is a fascinating blog that is a great motivator for new and experienced hikers alike.

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