Mountains-to-Sea Trail – CMC Section

image_mini29The popularity of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail is growing regionally and even nationally. No surprise here.

I seem to answer the same questions about the Carolina Mountain Club Section of the MST over and over again via email. So I decided to write a permanent page with general information and a list of shuttlers.

Carolina Mountain Club maintains the Mountains-to-Sea Trail from Heintooga Road to Black Mountain Campground. Here are some hints and tips to supplement the excellent advice on the Friends of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail (Friends) website.

1. I assume that you’ve joined Friends of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail. Go ahead and join online; I’ll wait.

2. I also assume that you’ve read the trail guides on the Friends website. The CMC section of the MST starts at the end of the Peak to Peak Guide (Segment 1A). It goes through Segment 2: The Balsams – Waterrock Knob to Pisgah Inn and Segment 3: The High Peaks and Asheville – Pisgah Inn to Black Mountain Campground.

MST guide front coverCarolina Mountain Club wrote a detailed book with maps on the MST sections it maintains.

Look at MST Trail Profiles and Maps: From the Great Smokies to Mount Mitchell and Beyond by Walt Weber for the Carolina Mountain Club.

I strongly suggest that you buy the book – either locally from the Blue Ridge Parkway Visitor Center store or on Amazon.

4. This section of the MST weaves in and out of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Check this official site to see if the road is open at

For updates and a list of shuttlers, see my webpage, which will be updated as needed.

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