Keep our National Parks open after Dec 9

In the Smokies
In the Smokies

We’ve been so inundated by presidential politics that most voters haven’t noticed that our government isn’t funded after December 9. And right now, if our Congress doesn’t pass a budget, all nonessential services will be cut by then.

On Saturday December 10, you’ll find Great Smoky Mountains National Park closed. Same with every other national park unit from Yosemite to Guilford Courthouse National Military Park.

We can write or call our senators and representatives and tell them to get back to work and fund our government.

If you have trouble remembering who your two senators are, try this link.

For your Congressional representative, here’s the link.

Frozen Niagara
Frozen Niagara at Mammoth Cave

Here’s the letter I sent. Please contact the people who work for you in Washington and let them know that you’re paying attention.

Dear Congressman XX:

Congress has only authorized a budget until December 9. If you and your colleagues can’t agree about how to govern, you will cause another government shutdown. With all the media attention focused on the presidential election, you might think that voters aren’t paying attention, but we are.

The first agency that is considered nonessential and has to shut down is the National Park Service. Imagine families going to the Smokies, the Everglades or Carl Sandburg and finding the parks and visitor centers shuttered. Imagine hard-working families finally planning a trip of a lifetime to Hawaii during the Christmas holidays and finding Volcanoes National Park closed! We’re celebrating the National Park Service Centennial this year – not the time to close our parks.

Families take the time to enjoy our national parks during the holiday season. In North Carolina, we have eight national park units and they all protect, preserve, and interpret an important part of our American culture.

Are you really prepared for another shutdown because Congress isn’t doing its job?
Please tell me that the budget problem will be solved, hopefully once and for all.

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