All I want for Christmas is the National Parks to stay open

Up to the cliff dwellings in BAND
Up to the cliff dwellings in BAND

It has been a week since the world learned the outcome of the Presidential election – and Congress as well.

While Republicans may still be celebrating, it is time for Congress to get back to work. As it stands now, the government is only funded until December 9 at 11:59 pm. That’s only 23 days from now.

Are we ready for another government shutdown? If our Congress doesn’t act, all “nonessential services” will close. That means our National Parks will be shuttered. No hiking, no visitor centers, no open restrooms, no boating… It will be a bleak Christmas indeed.

National Forests and all Federal lands will also be affected but it’s more difficult to police them.

Bison in THRO
Bison in THRO

Not all park visits are in the summer months. In this great and spacious country of ours, many parks are at their best in the winter. Families have plans to travel to Everglades National Park in Florida or Big Bend National Park in Texas.

More extensive plans call for flying to Virgin Islands National Park or even Hawaii. Think Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island or Kalaupapa National Historical Park on the island of Moloka’i – a once in a lifetime visit.

NPS flat hats
NPS flat hats

I’ve contacted my Congressional Representative and two Senators from North Carolina and I encourage you to do the same, several times. It is sad that we have to remind our Congress to go to work.

For the next 23 days, I will post a picture of a national park unit and a countdown on my Facebook and Twitter account. So you may want to follow me. Share the post, comment on it, but most important contact your legislators.

It sounds like I’m in a Charles Dickens novel and all I want for Christmas is coal in my stocking to keep warm.

So all I want for Christmas is for our government to keep our government functioning.

3 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas is the National Parks to stay open

  1. I’m sorry, but is there any plans for this to happen or is it simply a fear reaction? Nothing of proof is stated with this post so it makes me wary. If there is truth in it, perhaps reducing the 45 million people on food stamps and all the people abusing the system that is designed for need and not greed will give the funds to keep our beautiful parks open for the majority of citizens.

    1. There are no plans.
      That’s the problem. The government is funded until Dec. 9. Period.
      Then “nonessential services” will not be funded.
      I don’t know whether food stamps are considered “nonessential”. I have a feeling that they will continue to be funded.

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