What do I do Monday morning?

In the Smokies

We got on a bus, we marched, we posted on Facebook, we talked and talked and preached mostly to the choir.

Please let’s not get fatigued. Let’s not retreat to our personal concerns. Now what do we do?

It’s up to us now because we can’t depend on our administration to care about our needs, dreams, and desires – not that we ever could.

From reproductive rights, public education, freedom of the press to funding for the arts and public lands, things are going to change and not for the better. And we need to control that change.

Here is what one organizer said

Without a clear path from march to power, the protest is destined to be an ineffective feelgood spectacle adorned with pink pussy hats.

I am not interested in running for public office, as this article implies, but I am ready to support those that are.

You are registered to vote, right? And you vote in all elections, right?

Girls in Colonial garb

An organization that asks the same question  has 10 actions in the next 100 days. However, you don’t need logins, passwords, and likes to make a difference. Here are some concrete actions you can take.

What are you passionate about?

*Choose one cause and really support it. Stay on top of the issues and not just on Facebook. Become a member of the organization and understand what’s at stake.

*Get the names and contact information for your senators and representatives. Keep it on hand and contact them regularly.

Here’s my example, just to give you something concrete.

I am passionate about our national parks. So…
I’m a member and supporter of Friends of the Smokies, and the Great Smoky Mountains Association.

I volunteer my time. Every cause needs volunteers, regular, dependable volunteers. Most nonprofits just don’t have the money to hire the staff they need. Many times, a volunteer brings a different perspective to the organization.

I write to my representatives from time to time, just so they hear from me about national parks.

I email instead of call. With email or snail mail, I know that my message is being received correctly. Someone from their office always responds. It may be a canned response but it’s a response. The official knows that you’re paying attention.

It may be a small step but necessary. Here are my representatives in Washington. Who are yours?

Senator Richard Burr                      https://www.burr.senate.gov/
Senator Tom Tillis                            https://www.tillis.senate.gov/public/
Congressman Patrick McHenry  https://mchenry.house.gov/

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  1. thanks, Danny. I’ve just written to my senators and congressman. I also donate to Emily’s List as well as the National Parks (thanks to your last book). Keep it going. Nancy W

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