At Family Nature Summits – Lake Tahoe Day 3

California figs – fresh!

This is Day 3 of Family Nature Summits.

If this was the workweek, it would be called Hump Day. But this is FNS at Lake Tahoe, California.

Isa wants to know why FNS is just five days of activities. Couldn’t we make it a few more days?

Sometimes plans change. I cancelled the hike that started at 7:20am to let Isa sleep a little longer. After she joined her Junior Naturalist Bears group, I found myself on my own. So I took a trail down from Gralibakken resort to downtown Tahoe City. It’s a hopping tourist town on Lake Tahoe.

Today was market day with the usual stands of fresh vegetables, cheese and olive oil. The peaches were large and colorful. The tomatoes were red and plump.

But the surprise was figs, perfect fresh green and purple figs. Of course! This is California where all our produce comes from.


In the afternoon, I managed to score a place in a workshop on Photographing Wildflowers.

Annie Cameron,a professional photographer, took us on several rural road in Tahoe National Forest. We practiced various techniques on lupines, forget-me-nots and yarrow.

I was embarrassed to be the only person with a phone camera. Everyone else had real cameras. But I got some great tips, which I hope to remember.


Isa’s highlight was her try at slacklining.

It looks like tightrope walking but the rope isn’t tight; it’s slack.

This is one of many activity that the Childcare children did after 3:30pm.

If a responsible adult isn’t available at the end of Junior Naturalist (3:30pm), the kids go to child care where the fun continues.

Two more days of fun!

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