At Family Nature Summits – Lake Tahoe Day 4

FNS group

Back on the trail at Family Nature Summits.

Day 4. Oh no! The summit is almost over.

I went on a hike around Lake Tahoe. Well, not all the way around, just from D.L. Bliss State Park to Emerald Bay State Park.

The whole trail was perfectly maintained – after all it’s a state park.

Rubicon Point Lighthouse

Our first stop was Rubicon Lighthouse, which looks like an outhouse. Everyone was saying: Lighthouse, outhouse

The lake was in view the whole time with boaters, paddle boarders, waders and just lookers. The lake is too cold for swimming. But we have a great pool at the FNS Site.

The hike was organized as a key swap. So our group started from the north end. The second group went to the south end. When we met up on the trail, the leaders exchanged keys.

That’s one of the advantages of hiking with a group. Here’s Peggy B. and Danny Mc. exchanging keys.

The highlight was definitely Vikingsholm Castle, one of the first summer home on Lake Tahoe. Lora Josephone Knight (1864-1945) built this authentic reproduction of Swedish architecture in 1929 when

“She was 65 years old and single”.

The docent kept being amazed at 65 and single. After the fifth time, I was going to bop him one.

Knight was only 18 years old when she married a man much older than herself, a colleague of her father. She wasn’t poor herself. When her husband died, he left her $10 millions.

Part of being intelligent was knowing who to marry!

She was able to grow this wealth to $45 millions by investing intelligently and weathering the Great Depression. Her backstory was what made an impression to me.

The house?? Look at it on the web. It was full of Scandinavian furnishing. Knight accommodated servants and lots of guests. She was a typical do-gooder who really did some good with her money.

When she died, the property was sold to a man who quickly donated it to the California State Park System. Thank you, Sir!

At Emerald Bay SP

We had to walk an uphill mile to the parking lot. All visitors have to go up to the parking area on their on steam.

In a state park? Wow! Here I am at the top of the hill.

When I got back to the site, I picked up Isa at 3:30pm and we went to the pool.

The evening program was a Mark Twain reenactor. He was good but not good enough to hold the interest of most children. Isa and I left after 30 minutes.

Isa runs around the outside eating area with other girls her age. I’m surprised that I was able to get a picture of the group in Isa’s gang. Some are in her group, The Bears, others she knows only from dinner and the pool. See the picture at the top.

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