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Clean water in Norway

Last night, I went to see An Inconvenient Sequel,  the sequel to An Inconvenient Truth, which came out in 2006. Al Gore, the star of the movie is older, grayer, heavier, but if anything, he seems more passionate about his cause. In a couple of sentences, the message is:

Global Warming is real. Climate Change is the biggest problem facing the world.

I know that and you know that but what are we doing about it?

Gore has been working on reducing global warming at least since his stint as Vice-President. He was in Kyoto, Japan in 1997 where the Kyoto Protocol was signed by a lot of countries but not the U.S. Lenny, my late husband, was also working on the same side and at least shook Gore’s hand.

Gore lost the presidency to George W. Bush in 2000 and dedicated himself to telling the world about climate change. A year after An Inconvenient Truth came out, Al Gore was awarded half of the Nobel Peace Prize – not for the movie but for his advocacy work. The other half was given to the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) a UN group of scientists and engineers who research and write reports on the subject. And, yes, Lenny was part of this group and has a beautiful certificate from the King of Norway, as did about 3,000 other people.

But what about the movie, you ask? The movie barely mentioned Gore’s Nobel prize.

In the film, Gore goes all over the world looking at disasters. The glaciers in Greenland are melting. The streets of Miami are flooded. The 9/11 memorial in downtown Manhattan is under water. And then we have Hurricane Sandy. Not good!

Gore spends a lot of time on the 2015 Paris Climate Conference. He shakes a lot of hands and is so happy that 195 countries signed the first legally binding climate deal – this time including the U.S.

And then, of course, Pres Trump pulls out of the deal. The movie feels very recent and relevant.

It’s very difficult to review a documentary as a piece of entertainment. You have to talk about the subject matter as well. To lighten it up, we see Gore getting ready for meetings, putting his boots on, shaking off his wet socks and talking to his staff.

What we don’t see are plastic water bottles. Obviously in all those meetings, people are bringing their own water in refillable containers. A bit more inconvenient but important.

Go and see the movie before it disappears.

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