Government shutdown again?

Sometimes it’s not difficult to become discouraged.

So here I am letting people know about the potential hike in National Park entrance fees and asking them to comment. A public comment period on the National Park Service entrance fee proposal is open until Nov. 23, and comments can be filed at https// Written comments also are accepted by sending to 1849 C Street, NW, Mail Stop: 2346, Washington, DC 20240.

Then on Friday  I open up the Asheville Citizen-Times – yes, the physical paper – and one of the stories on page one is Crush of tough issues could bring government shutdown. And when the government shuts down, the first thing that closes are the national parks.

My reaction is ? What again?
It turns out that this was a threat in 2013. Actually in October 2013, the government did shut down for about two weeks. See my blog post about that shut-down.

It happened again in 2014, 2015 and 2016 . Maybe I’ve been blogging too long – ten years – but I’ve run out of anything new to say about these impending shutdowns.

See what the popular media has to say about it.

Me?? All I can say is that we, as a country, voted this Congress in and they can’t seem to do their job, which is to keep the government funded and running. Let your representatives know what you think.

One thought on “Government shutdown again?

  1. Danny: Thanks for posting a link to the National Parks Peak Season price increase proposal. It seems high at first glance, but (1) seasonal passes provide a good option, (2) the increased revenues support the parks, and (3) most commercial entertainment options cost as much or more for just a couple hours.

    As an aside, the Senior Lifetime Pass is a great value for those reaching 62 (I’m not there yet!) despite the August, 2017 price increase to $80.

    P.S. “Forests, Alligators, Battlefields …” is a terrific personal catalog of parks.

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