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Life in Motion Hiking Poles – It’s local

Life in Motion poles

You can start your business with just one product. And if it’s a good product and it’s well marketed and distributed, your business will move on to create the next product and the next …

So it was with more than mild curiosity that I looked at Rodney Bailey’s email from Life in Motion. Was I interested in reviewing his company’s hiking poles? And oh yes, they were local in Simpsonville, SC, south of Greenville. That’s certainly closer than where I’ve been getting my poles from.

Hiking poles are necessary for stability and for crossing streams without bridges. We have plenty of those around the Blue Ridge and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Poles also reduce impact on my knees and encourages me to walk faster with less effort when I go uphill. Most important, when you’re an habitual hiker like me – day after day after day – of any age, it will keep you hiking until the grave.

When I received my poles, meticulously packed in a large box, they seemed like, well, hiking poles. Then I looked more closely. Their handler collar extents so much longer than most hiking poles. I can grab them lower down, if I want shorter poles for some situations. I’m thinking when scrambling uphill on rocks.

At Bent Creek

They’re lighter than most poles and come with mud baskets and snow baskets. Who knew that all these accessories were necessary? Most important, their website shows that so many accessories are available separately. Let’s face it. You’re going to lose your pole tips or snow basket.

Their website has an extremely well-written section on how to get started with poles – and I judge a product partly on their website.

It shows you how to adjust the height of your poles so your arms can form a 90 degree angle.

You can learn how to pack poles and adjust the straps, if needed. But most experienced hikers don’t put their hands through the straps. If you fall, you won’t be able to get your wrists out of the poles fast enough and might break a wrist. We’ve seen this happen in Carolina Mountain Club. Straps are fine for hanging poles but not for wrists.

At this point, the hiking poles are only available online. Look at their very reasonable price.

And I’m sure, like Johnny Cash’s song, you might be able to pick them up at the factory.