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If you live in Western North Carolina, you know that it’s been a brutal week or so. And, according to the news, it’s not over. The weekend doesn’t seem too great either. I have such cabin fever. So what to do?

Reserve every second Tuesday of the month, starting in March. Sign up for our Classic Hikes of the Smokies series, offered by Friends of the Smokies. Our hikes start Tuesday March 10.

Here’s the official press release.

Lufty Baptist Church
Lufty Chapel

Shed those winter layers and get on the trail with Friends of the Smokies for the first Classic Hike of the season and discover Great Smoky Mountains National Park. On Tuesday March 10th hike the Smokemont Loop Trail led by hiking guide and author Danny Bernstein.

The Smokemont Loop Trail is 6.2 miles in length with a total elevation gain of 1,400 feet and is moderately difficult. Hikers will visit the historic Lufty Baptist Church and the secluded Bradley Cemetery named after a family that settled in the region in the early nineteenth century.

Bradley Cemetery
Bradley Cemetery

Participants on the hike will learn how donations made to Friends of the Smokies help fund stewardship projects in Great Smoky Mountains National Park including protection and treatment of ash trees. Invasive insects like the emerald ash borer can devastate forests by feeding on the inner bark of ash trees, which disrupts the tree’s ability to carry water and nutrients. These insects can be transported in untreated firewood which is especially important in the Smokemont area because of its active campground.

Friends of the Smokies hikes are offered on the second Tuesday of each month. Guided Classic Hikes are $35 and include a complimentary membership to Friends of the Smokies. Current Friends members receive a discount and hike for $10. Members who bring a friend hike for free.
All registration donations benefit the Friends’ Smokies Trails Forever program.

To register for a Classic Hike of the Smokies, contact To view a complete listing of Friends’ monthly Classic Hikes of the Smokies, visit

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  1. Come one come all! The Classic Hikes of the Smokies are a lot of fun and they are a great way to learn about the park, get outdoors and meet new folks! I cant wait for the season to begin.

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