NC Connect Bonds for North Carolina

MST road sign
MST road sign

Hey North Carolina! Tuesday March 15 is a big, big day for our NC state parks and trails. We’re going to get to decide whether citizens will approve a two billion dollar general obligation bond.

The two billion dollars (I love writing this) will go towards upgrading our education, parks, safety, recreation, and water and sewer infrastructure. And this can be done without raising taxes, especially since the state has a Triple A bond rating.

The bond will let us pay over 20 to 25 years for assets that will last 50 years or more. It’s just like a mortgage and the borrowing rates is quite low.

I know that I’ve been writing about the National Park Centennial but this is also the Centennial year for NC State Parks. According to the official website, Connect NC, 100 million dollars will go to parks and zoos. Breaking it down further $4.5 million is targeted for the Mountains-to-Sea Trail and other NC trails. The money will help acquire more land to get the MST off small roads.

image_mini10A second website – Vote yes to invest – is the activist arm of Connect NC, if I read it right. They want to make sure that you vote. You are registered, right?

The important thing is to show up on March 15 and to think beyond the presidential primary. Some media outlet will tell you that the presidential primary will be decided by then. Shame…. There’s much more than the presidential primary; there’s our bond issue. So plan to vote, North Carolina and vote “Yes!” for the bond issue.

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